CFH Markets renames as CFH Clearing

CFH Markets Limited has been renamed CFH Clearing Limited.

July, 2013

Lars Holst

Lars Holst

CFH Markets Limited has been renamed CFH Clearing Limited.  The London-based broker, which has over 400 institutional clients in 82 countries, has rebranded to more accurately reflect its business operations as an interbank prime of prime solutions provider to small and medium sized institutional clients. 

According to Lars Holst, CEO and Co-Founder of CFH Clearing,  “As our business has evolved, we have moved away from simply providing our own liquidity pool to having a greater focus on facilitating access to trade with the biggest banks in the world.  Transparency is at the heart of our offering, giving clients the freedom to choose the liquidity pools and liquidity providers they want.  We believe that our new name, CFH Clearing, is more appropriate for our current and future business model. It really emphasizes our role on the credit and clearing side.”

As part of the rebrand, a CFH Clearing website,, has been launched, listing the names of the liquidity providers, banks and prime brokers.