ActForex adds auto-dealing capability

ActForex, Inc.

January, 2004

ActForex, Inc., an independent Managed Service Provider of FX software and services, has recently introduced the AutoDealer module for its Internet Currency Trading System (ICTS). The AutoDealer option is designed for financial institutions that wish to offer online retail FX to their customers without the overhead of a fulltime dealing desk. It fully automates the dealing process. Trades coming from traders or Introducing Brokers' clients are automatically offloaded to a liquidity provider of the companys choice. Prices are fed live directly from the liquidity provider.
Straight Through Processing from the front-end to the back-office provides one consolidated and efficient trading environment. The risk associated with dealing (Market Making) is retained by the liquidity provider, but the ability to control revenues remains with ICTS AutoDealer licensee. This solution is the ideal stepping stone for companies on the road to becoming Market Makers, as it allows them to retain their customer base, to sign up IBs under their own white label, and gives them the freedom of choice in selecting appropriate Liquidity Providers.