Currenex FX Price Streaming Service now F.I.X.-compatible

Currenex has announced the availability of a new F.

January, 2004

Currenex has announced the availability of a new F.I.X.-compatible service for streaming FX rates. The new offering will allow market participants to execute trades within Currenex's Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) service using the F.I.X. 4.2 protocol. Currenexs ESP service enables price makers to transmit and refresh in real-time spot bids and offers to customers, who can then execute off displayed prices directly or in the name of a prime broker. The company said ESP trading has contributed significantly to double digit volume growth within the first four months of the service's launch. The F.I.X. service was introduced at the request of a number of price makers interested in ESP trading.
Clifford Lewis,<br>Currenexs CEO
According to Clifford Lewis, Currenexs CEO, "The F.I.X. gateway enables straight through processing and simplified integration of Currenex's service with a broad sector of institutions using the protocol. This is an important further step in the process of making trading more efficient, expanding our customer base and providing additional liquidity to our dealer and prime brokerage customers."