EBS launches EBS Prime

EBS is embarking on a full launch of EBS Prime.

July, 2004

EBS is embarking on a full launch of EBS Prime. The new service gives banks that want to be part of the professional FX trading community access to the largest FX liquidity pool, through EBS Spot. It enables customers to use the credit of an approved EBS Prime Bank so they can trade on some of the best available EBS Spot prices.<br><br>Before EBS Prime: the screenshot below represents that market view of a bank with limited bi-lateral credit that has reduced trading opportunities due to wide prices.
After EBS Prime: the screenshot below, of an EBS Prime Customer, shows that the same customer can now deal on better prices with access to improved liquidity, available to EBS' top tier banks.
Price transparency is one of the key issues for the FX marketplace and a source of significant competitive advantage for larger banks. EBS Prime will bring more openness and accessibility to the FX spot market.