Integral launches Integration Network and FX Inside

Integral Development Corp.

July, 2004

Integral Development Corp. has launched Integral Integration Network, a new global real-time connectivity solution linking foreign exchange liquidity providers and liquidity takers. Its companion application, Integral FX Inside, incorporates a single-screen trading application that enables dealers to access the network with a single, executable platform to tap all available electronic FX sources.
Integral FX Inside<br><br>Participants can act simultaneously as price-makers and price-takers with credit-approved counterparties. Connection to the network is through a single interface (API) from which dealers can interact with counterparties to negotiate, execute and settle trades.FX Inside distills numerous liquidity sources into a single trading application that lets dealers see not only the best tradable price but also real-time depth of market information.We developed the network and FX Inside in partnership with the leading FX banks over the past year - with a goal of reducing the number of screens needed to monitor the markets, thus affording dealers greater market visibility, transparency and execution capability, said Ian Doull, Integrals vice president of product marketing.