Azul partners with Horizon Software

Horizon Software and Azul Systems Inc.

July, 2014

Scott Sellers

Scott Sellers

Horizon Software and Azul Systems Inc. have announced a commercial partnership under which Horizon Software will offer Zing®, Azul’s high-performance Java runtime, as part of its  portfolio to deliver increased application productivity and business efficiencies to new and existing customers. The combined solution offers users of Horizon’s Electronic Trading suite improved low latency predictability, guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and exceptionally high sustained throughput. Without changing the application or hardware environment, Horizon Software customers will profit from an enhanced high-performance, consistent trading environment, capable of handling future business growth.

Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems, said: “Latency and jitter are recurring and revenue limiting obstacles in today’s trading environments. By adding Zing to its offering, Horizon can now provide a pioneering solution which will give its clients better predictability, control and performance. Zing is widely recognized as the new performance standard for Java-based applications within the financial sector.”