Tradency introduces the "Mirror 360"

Tradency has launched its new “Mirror 360” solution.

July, 2014

Tradency introduces the “Mirror 360”

Tradency has launched its new “Mirror 360” solution. The new offering by Tradency enables brokers to swiftly implement a complete Mirroring solution. The “Mirror 360” is compiled of the Mirror Trader platform front-end and the technologically advanced Mirror server back office, all seamlessly interconnected alongside additional complimentary advanced components.

The “Mirror 360” completes the already extensive Mirroring implementation options, as Tradency continues to develop and support its open architecture and cooperation with 3rd party vendors. In order to support the new “Mirror 360” offering, Tradency is launching a new structure of 3 service level packages. These packages are formulated to suite the nature and needs of different types of brokers. The “White Label package” is an entry level package available via secondary distribution channels. The “Full License package” is the standard package with a full Mirror Trader platform service & support. The third service package is the “Premium package”, offering heavy duty, robust system infrastructure, and advanced features and customization options.