Caplin Systems launches FX mobile trading app

Caplin Systems has launched Caplin FX Mobile.

October, 2014

Caplin Systems has launched Caplin FX Mobile. Built in HTML, the new app enables a bank’s clients to monitor and manage FX orders, and execute trades via their smartphones and tablets. Already licensed by a major Asian bank, the new product is being trialled by financial institutions around the world.

Caplin FX Mobile seamlessly integrates with Caplin Direct, a hosted and managed SDP service announced in December last year, which delivers a fully operational single-dealer platform as a service.

“With Caplin FX Mobile you can execute spot, forward and swap trades, create and manage orders, and keep an eye on the FX market through custom watch lists and charts,” says Adam Hawley, Caplin’s Director of Managed Services. “We’ve seen a surge in demand for this functionality in all geographies, but in particular Asia and Latin America.”