Exegy announces new feeds in FX

Exegy Inc.

October, 2014

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes

Exegy Inc., has announced the availability of six new feed handlers for foreign exchange venues. The new additions expand Exegy’s broad portfolio of over 200 market data feed handlers, including feed handlers for the leading bank portals and ECN platforms for currency trading. 

Exegy now provides support for the Cantor Fitzgerald StreamFX, FX All Active Trading, ICAP EBS Ai, Integral FX Inside, LMAX InterBank, and LMAX Professional feeds.

“The breadth of foreign exchange venues in our portfolio reflects the maturity of our offering and our growing customer base in the currency markets. The speed, breadth, and flexibility of our user-defined composite capabilities are particularly relevant to market participants looking for tools to navigate the liquidity mirage that often exists in FX”, said vice president of sales Steve Hughes.