INTL FCStone goes live with TwoFour FX

Two of INTL FCStone Inc.

October, 2014

Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Two of INTL FCStone Inc.’s subsidiaries, INTL FCStone Markets Inc. and INTL FCStone Ltd, have licensed TwoFour’s FX Back Office for its FX Prime Brokerage group.With the addition of this group, INTL FCStone now uses TwoFour FX front-to-back across the enterprise.  The group’s usage of TwoFour includes margin processing, limit monitoring, and TwoFour’s HTML 5-based client web portal.  

“TwoFour FX is a simple elegant design that can scale to support complex global trading operations,” said Chris Davis, co-founder of TwoFour. “In the years that TwoFour has been in production with INTL, our technology has proven flexible and able to adapt to changing needs, and we are thrilled to provide business solutions to INTL as they continue to evolve and expand.”