Integral launches FX Yield Manager

Integral Development Corp.

January, 2015

Harpal Sandhu

Harpal Sandhu

Integral Development Corp. has announced the launch of FX Yield Manager™, the first FX risk management suite delivering all the functionality needed for FX banks and brokers to offer world-class market making services to their customers. Powerful analytic tools enable them to dynamically segment and profile their customer flow, while automated risk warehousing with real-time hedging allows them to increase yield. The unique built-in risk dashboard offers a view of real time and historic market risk and yields across all channels and currencies.

“Risk managed yield capture is at the core of what drives profitability for FX market participants but until now, to do it properly entailed prohibitively expensive technology investments for most financial intermediaries,” said Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp. “We built a solution that allows FX banks and brokers to truly understand their customer flow in real time, on a level that lets them deliver optimal pricing to customers; while at the same time harnessing the most value from internalizing order flow. They now are in a position to become a true market maker. But instead of any one market participant having to spend years and invest tens of millions dollars to develop a system in-house, we offer it as a turn-key service.”