Trading Technologies & FlexTrade to offer Hotspot FXism

Trading Technologies International, Inc.

January, 2005

Trading Technologies International, Inc. and FlexTrade Systems will soon provide client access to the Hotspot FXi marketplace. TT clients will be able to trade Hotspot FXi via TT X_TRADER, on which more than 50% of futures trades on major exchanges are executed. In addition, FlexTrade System customers will be able to execute Hotspot FXi transactions using the analytical trading and smart order routing capabilities of the firms FlexTRADER platform.<br>
The firms expect to launch Hotspot FXi trading in the first quarter of 2005. To trade Hotspot FXi, customers or broker licensees of the TT and FlexTRADE platforms will use existing or new omnibus or direct accounts with one or more of Hotspot FXis clearing banks or prime brokers.