RBS and BitPass team up on FX for digital content sales

BitPass, Inc.

October, 2005

BitPass, Inc., a leading platform for monetizing digital content and services, announced an agreement with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (RBS) to enable automated foreign exchange management online. BitPass will use the RBS FXmicropay service to aggregate, execute and settle transactions in more than 30 currencies, allowing international online content brands and portals that leverage the BitPass platform to conduct cross-border content sales at a high volume, while RBS manages the FX risk.<br>
The BitPass Network consists of an increasingly diverse community of more than 2,500 merchants in over 30 countries. Buyers from more than 100 countries can use BitPass to purchase and access their favorite content. The agreement will enable BitPass to offer multi-currency pricing, while all inherent FX risk for cross-border transactions is proactively, intelligently and automatically managed by the FXmicropay service.