Smart Trade releases STTP 4.0

Smart Trade Technologies has released STTP 4.

January, 2006

Smart Trade Technologies has released STTP 4.0 of its multi-asset class trading and routing solution, offering clients even more improved performance and possibilities to build their new trading infrastructure. STTP 4.0 has more flexible matching algorithms that enable orders to be matched on multiple parameters (price, volatility, yield) under user-defined matching criteria, and consequently offering more ways to define trading strategies as well as additional order types.
Pluggable Transport protocols can now be defined via dedicated plug-ins, sharply reducing the implementation time within the bank by leveraging existing infrastructures and middlewares. New GUIs have also been released for retail clients and FX including Options. The main benefits to banks using STTP 4.0 will be seen in terms of performance, flexibility, deployment, time-to-market, reduced integration costs, and improved personalisation.