Ullink launches Best Execution Engine

Ullink has launched its Best Execution Engine.

October, 2006

Ullink has launched its Best Execution Engine. By retrieving and analyzing all the relevant data, this engine can determine the best price amongst a number of liquidity pools. The Best Execution Engine is proposed as a new module in the ULBridges software suite. Embedded within Ullinks connectivity and order routing platform, the Best Execution Engine is: multi market data (quotes, MTFs, ECNs), multi execution venue (exchanges, order books, brokers), multi message format (FIX, FAST, API) and multi asset class.<br>
This engine has a very low latency in routing orders to the best execution destination according to the companys policy. Thanks to the ULBridge and its 250 connectors to order routing networks, order management systems and exchanges in all asset classes, this engine will be easily integrated to clients environments.