Deutsche Bank releases Fast Orders on autobahn FX

Deutsche Bank has released Fast Orders on autobahnFX.

April, 2008

Deutsche Bank has released Fast Orders on autobahnFX. Fast Orders allow clients to place GTC bids and offers as close to the market as they like. Orders are placed via the main trading screen and execute against their streaming price. If a client&rsquo;s order reaches the target level and there is sufficient liquidity at that level, the client&rsquo;s order will be filled. If the target level is achieved but the liquidity available does not match the order size, the client receives a partial fill and the remaining balance remains live in the system.<br /> <br /> If a client receives a completed execution but in partial fills, the system automatically aggregates the order and the client receives one confirmation. Fast Orders is a simple to use tool on autobahnFX that enables clients to extract more value from their FX trading activities. &nbsp;