D-3 Pricing System now with more interfaces

Digitec has further enhanced its rate engine D-3.

April, 2008

Digitec has further enhanced its rate engine D-3. In addition to the RMDS® data feed the system now also includes direct rates from several major banks and brokers. The streaming updates from these APIs can be used for blending, comparisons and plausibility checks. Moreover, the integration of Bloomberg's B-Pipe feed is planned for the near future.  
A very user friendly interface, a client server architecture with high performance rating and a wide range of export interfaces are characteristics of the D-3 product. Increasing numbers of global banks are testing and integrating the innovative system to feed reliable rates to a growing number of e-trading applications. Traders in different dealing rooms around the world are working with individual configurations but share one central database and the responsibility for 24-hour price updates.