IBFX adds PowerStats to online trading tools

Interbank FX (IBFX.

October, 2008

Interbank FX (IBFX.com) has unveiled the most recent addition to the company’s offering of free online trading tools. IBFX PowerStats permits traders to learn more about the behavior of a given currency pair and see its average percentage interest point (pip) movement, thus allowing them to set daily goals as well as “stops” and “take profits” on their trades.
“PowerStats allows traders to drill down into the Forex market and see the average pip movement for day-of-week, and then drill down even further to see how much they range by hour of each day,” explained IBFX Marketing Director Marilyn McDonald.  “It tracks how many consecutive pairs of bullish or bearish bars a currency pair has, as well as the movement and occurrences of those consecutive bars.”