Aegisoft releases Athena FX 4.2

“Aegisoft’s release of Athena FX 4.

January, 2009

“Aegisoft’s release of Athena FX 4.2, allows large FX trading desks to leverage their size,” said Norm Friedman, vice president at Aegisoft. “Once you have north of, say, 10 traders, there are several economies of scale that can work to your advantage.”
<h4 style="text-align: center;">Norm Friedman</h4>
To accommodate large shops, Athena FX 4.2 supports &lsquo;legacy&rsquo; interfaces that are used exclusively by many old-school traders. &ldquo;First you have to get them migrated, then you can teach them new tricks, added Friedman&rdquo;.<br />&nbsp;<br />Additional features benefiting large shops include: 1. advanced market making tools to easily manage streaming, dealable prices across multiple markets; 2. crossing against an internal book; 3. new algorithms to move large positions with minimal market impact; 4. seamlessly integrate FX futures with FX spot; 5. Full STP integration; 6. Easy web-based deployment