Revolution in the Market of Management Systems - TeamWox trial version is released

MetaQuotes Software Corp.

April, 2009

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has released the trial version of the groupware system TeamWox. (

TeamWox belongs to the class of software that allows clients to organize more efficient teamwork within a company.

It's revolutionary innovations are simplicity and speed of installation. TeamWox (

is easily installed and doesn't have a lengthy configuration time. Moreover, there is no need to use expensive system integrators.
"Easy" and "quick" were two key words used when the TeamWox product was designed. On the basis of this, MetaQuotes Software Corp. 
has created an excellent and effective tool for managing business processes.  TeamWox makes difficulties in installation, lengthy implementation and costly operations - things of the past.
The benefits to the business of TeamWox are obvious. The necessity of a lengthy installation and longer implementation disappear, as this powerful tool for managing the company is quickly and 
easily installed without any extra expense. According to the developers, TeamWox will become a de-facto standard in the sphere of business automation processes for small and medium-sized business.