DealHub announces FX Liquidity Aggregation solution

Option Computers Ltd has announced the release of their FX Liquidity Aggregation solution.

April, 2010

Option Computers Ltd has announced the release of their FX Liquidity Aggregation solution. 

The DealHub FX Liquidity Aggregation module connects to key trading venues and ECNs including Reuters AQ, EBS Ai, CME(for spot equivalent futures), Hotspot FXi, Lava Trading, 360T, Currenex, and to single bank platforms such as Deutsche Autobahn, BARX, CitiFX Velocity, Goldman Sachs REDI and UBS FX2B, using ultra fast DealHub/Buy Side Automated Trading Interfaces (DHATI) to create an internal pool of liquidity. 

Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of Option Computers stated ‘Creating an aggregated pool of liquidity is the first step in optimising the way the bank hedges its flow of client business either through smart order routing or by algorithmic trading models. This pool of liquidity can be used by order management systems, and also by price engines creating client side pricing which can be distributed by the DealHub/Connectivity Manager solution to multiple client facing platforms and the bank’s FIX API.’ 

The flexibility of the DealHub Liquidity Aggregation GUI enables users to optimize their desktop usage, and customise their own layouts in a single screen to create their own trading GUI, displaying best price and depth of book either by individual provider or across multiple venues alongside position/risk management and deal blotter windows. The GUI supports click and deal functionality or may be used with a trader keypad. Within the DealHub Liquidity aggregation module, DealHub’s Order Manager allows the trader to configure a variety of complex smart order settings and pre-defined strategies to place and monitor orders in the market, including VWAP, iceberg and contingent orders. 

DealHub also ensures that executions are matched, with full STP of confirmed trade tickets transmitted to back-office systems therefore providing a full audit trail of the entire order and trading process. 

DealHub provides a comprehensive series of modular solutions for front, middle, back-office and compliance. 

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