FX Bridge Releases Trading Platform Version 5.0

FX Bridge Technologies Corp.

July, 2010

FX Bridge Technologies Corp. has just released the latest edition of its FX dealing platform, which features a completely new graphical user interface (GUI) and other significant user enhancements.

Version 5.0 utilizes the latest Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls and includes a multi-tabbed, customizable tradestation with an unlimited array of dockable workspace layouts.  Its new Instrument Navigator allows traders to maneuver effortlessly among thousands of spot, option and CFD products. The new version offers an unparalleled choice of liquidity providers for FX options.  Now the dealer can choose from among the world’s largest money-center banks for option liquidity or make the market themselves with an industry-leading pricing and risk management tool suite. Among other new features, dealers get a customer alerting, communication, and monitoring subsystem which allows them to track, communicate en mass, and handle one-on-one contacts with their entire trader base in any language. Version 5.0 also includes multi-dimensional cross-asset margining, commission and rebate tracking, and managed group trading. “FX Bridge is fully committed to providing its customers with the very best in FX trading software,” said Joe Cunningham, Chairman of FX Bridge, “The new features of  5.0 build upon the solid foundation of ProTrader Plus while significantly expanding the user’s experience and ultimately giving them greater flexibility and options for trading.”

More information about FX Bridge or ProTrader Plus can be obtained by visiting www.fxbridge.com