Leverate Unveils New Version of Web Trader Front-End Platform for MetaTrader MT4

Leverate (www.

July, 2010

Leverate (www.leverate.com), a leading provider of comprehensive and innovative solutions for brokers, announced today the recent launch of an enhanced version of Leverate Web Trader. This fully compatible, broker-branded, browser-based front end for MetaTrader MT4 is linked directly to the downloadable version of MT4 Client. The new version of Leverate Web Trader introduces a wealth of improvements, both in terms of functionality and usability, which revolutionize the way people trade using MT4. 


Full synchronization ensures that any trades executed over Leverate Web Trader will automatically be updated in the trader's installed MT Client version as well as on the Leverate STP Platform. Like its predecessor, the new version of Leverate Web Trader enables clients to trade anytime, anywhere over the web using their MT4 login details, with the addition of many new features and exciting tools catered to the needs of today's on-the-go traders. The solution has already being adopted by most of Leverate’s MT4 "private label" brokers, as well as other major industry players.

Richer Functionality Means More Efficient Trading

In addition to providing traders with the standard functionality – e.g., opening and closing trades, setting and editing limits and stop losses, setting stops and entry limits, charting capabilities, and direct deposits – the new version of Web Trader offers exciting and robust capabilities unlike those found in other solutions: 

  • Social networks: The platform allows any user to send real-time feeds about his trading performance to social networks (Facebook, etc.). An integrated Facebook application interacts with the user's Facebook profile and posts real-time notifications about positions being closed (all positions or just profitable ones).
  • Real-time rate streaming: Rates are streamed in real-time to the browser. This significantly improves the usage experience since it ensures that the rates are being updated constantly and rapidly.
  • Expanded charting options: In addition to the Tick-by-Tick chart from previous versions, Bar (Periodical) Charts have been introduced to the charting system, providing an MT-like convenience in displaying historical data by periods. Three modes of data display are available when browsing it by periods: Candlestick Chart, Line Chart and Bar Chart.
  • Visually-enhanced instrument grid: Visual improvements to the instrument grid have enhanced usability and made instrument trading even easier 


  • 'Daily High' + 'Daily Low' columns showing values similar to those in the MetaTrader client.
  • 'Starred' column enabling traders to mark their favorite instruments and then filter the grid.
  • A responsive Quick Search box that enables the user to filter the instrument list.
  • When trading of a particular instrument is disabled through the MT back office, it is displayed in gray on Web Trader and trading is not possible.

Key Technical Information

  • "Configuration" refers to the full list of client settings, including branding, colors, logos, links, server list, default language, window title, footer, graph settings and other settings.
  • When accessing the root URL (i.e., http://webtrader.leverate.com), the default configuration is loaded. By appending the name of another configuration to the URL (i.e., http://webtrader.leverate.com/SimpleMode), brokers can support multiple brandings and configurations under a single client website.

(For more technical information, please contact us: http://www.leverate.com/About-Us/Contact-Us)