Leverate enhances Private Label MT4 Solution

Leverate (www.

July, 2010

Leverate (www.leverate.com), has announced  that it has further extended the capabilities of its Private Label solution package for Metatrader 4 (MT4) by adding three new components: Leverate Web Trader, iPhone Trader and CRM for Brokers. The Leverate Private Label solution is currently used by leading brokers around the world, who enjoy access to comprehensive solutions as well as a 24/6 professional manned service centre.

"With this major enhancement to our Private Label solution, we are now able to offers brokers the most comprehensive and advanced MT4 white label solution on the market," stated Leverate Chief Executive Ran Strauss. "Leverate's turnkey Private Label package is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for both new players and for existing brokers looking to upgrade their existing platform."

Unlike most vendors on the market, Leverate does not compete with its brokers' clients and allows them to operate completely independently. Not only does Leverate Private Label help brokers to get up and running within days, this robust and scalable solution also assists them throughout the lifetime of their business.

Saving Brokers Time and Money

The newly enhanced Leverate Private Label solution provides brokers with a comprehensive and fully integrated package that saves significant time and money in the launch of MT4-based trading services. This package includes the following components:

·Metatrader 4 Platform – featuring the most robust white label version available

·Leverate Benchmark Feed – delivering arbitrage-free and spike-free forex, CFD, Indices and Futures rates that minimize brokers' risk

·Leverate Risk Management Platform with Liquidity Bridge- allows the broker to set hedging strategies and manage risk using Leverate’s aggregated source of liquidity providers

·Web and iPhone Trading Platforms – increases client conversion and trading volumes drastically and enables "anytime, anywhere" trading from any browser or from iPhones

·Back office integration (API) - allows programmers to directly interface with the MT4 platform via a range of commonly used APIs, saving hundreds of programming man hours

·Leverate’s hosted servers – eliminate costs and hassles of buying, hosting or maintaining servers

·Optimized configuration – Leverate platform comes pre-configured to optimize the broker's competitive edge.

·Leverate Virtual Execution - brokers can send transactions and receive real-time advice before actually executing the hedge, based on real-time market data from Leverate's liquidity providers

·CRM for Brokers – a broker-dedicated CRM system fully integrated with all Leverate solutions to optimize brokers' operations

Non-competing, Independent White Label Solution

Leverate's Private Label solution is an ideal fit for those opening a new brokerage firm or for existing brokers looking to replace their existing solution:

·Non-competitive white label keeps your best interests at heart. Leverate does not accept retail trader clients thus avoiding any possible conflicts of interest.

·Saves time in setting-up, enabling the broker to be up-and running within 10 days after signing with Leverate.

·Leverate Live Feed quality saves brokers tens of thousands of dollars per month

·Leverate IT team supports the broker during startup, saving all IT configuration costs

·24 hour, 6 day a week customer and dealing room support.