Changeable spreads on GO4X platform

TMS Brokers S.

October, 2010

TMS Brokers S.A. has introduced to the trading platform GO4X changeable spreads in nine pairs, so that customers will be able to perform transactions on the EURUSD from 0.5 pip. For a list of instruments with varying degrees of spread belong the most popular currency pairs: EURUSD:) already offered from 0.5 pip, and: USDJPY:), EURGBP:), USDCHF:) GBPUSD:) from a pip. In case currency pairs related to Zloty, GO4X proposes the most attractive terms on the Polish market - EURPLN:), USDPLN:), CHFPLN:) from 20 pips and GBPLN:), to only 30 pips. Another element increasing competitiveness of The GO4X offer are alterations in the levels of margin deposits: with the account balance up to 50 k PLN you come use beverage of 1:200 and with the balance below 100 k PLN it is possible to make transactions with the leverage of 1:100. The last change is introduction of the one of the most popular instruments among Polish retail customers - couples CHFPLN. The security deposit is only 0.5% and the minimum denomination of the transaction is 0.01 lot.

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