Leverate launches new website

Leverate has launched a brand new customer-focused, interactive website.

October, 2010

Leverate has launched a brand new customer-focused, interactive website. The new website is designed to enable brokers to make well-informed decisions in an increasingly competitive market. 

Leverate is well-known in the forex market for its comprehensive suite of products and services for brokers, such as Live Rate Feeds, a complete and independent Private Label Solution, and Web and Mobile trading platforms for brokers. The new website provides detailed information and close-up screenshots for all Leverate's quality solutions, allowing brokers to drill down into each product's key features and benefits. In addition, secure and easy-to-use interactive mechanisms enable brokers to apply for a free health check from Leverate for their existing feeds or request a demo.

Leverate Chief Executive Ran Strauss said: "At Leverate we have always taken the concerns of our brokerage customers very seriously, proactively eliciting their feedback and using their valuable input to enhance our products and services. Our new website is designed to showcase these and other offerings, providing prospects and customers with up-to-date content and multiple contact options for reaching a sales representative, demo requests or our 24x6 technical support."

The company has experienced significant growth since its foundation. Leverate has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D over the past two years, including a series of informal research programs, in order to bring state-of-the-art trading solutions to its customers. 

Ran Strauss added: "In today's highly competitive market, brokers rightly expect to receive high-quality solutions at an attractive price, backed by professional support services. Our comprehensive solutions naturally increase brokers' trading volumes, while also improving the service quality they give to traders. By engaging in an ongoing dialog with our customers, we will continue to refine our solutions and services to meet their needs now and in the future."