Gold-i Gate Bridge version 2.50 being launched

Gold-i is launching the Gold-i Gate Bridge version 2.

April, 2011

Gold-i is launching the Gold-i Gate Bridge version 2.50. The Bridge already offers low latency between the MetaTrader 4 retail FX trading platform and external liquidity such as banks. The new release builds on this by adding the following functionality:

•  Small trade size support: The Gold-i Gate Bridge will now allow brokers to offer their clients the ability to trade even smaller volumes, down to 0.01 lots.

Slippage information: When a client selects to trade using MetaTrader4, the broker will know if the client got the price he asked for, a better price or a worse price, and by how much.

Instant Execution Mode: When a trade is requested at a price, the client will get the price demanded and the broker will take the difference. If the difference is bigger than the set tolerance there will be no trade and the client will be asked if he wants to trade at the new price.

Special support for valuable clients: The Gold-i Gate Bridge can now allow brokers to prevent clients in a special group from being automatically stopped out when MetaTrader margin rules dictate.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i commented, “We are very excited at the benefits the latest release of the Gold-i Gate Bridge brings to brokers. Brokers are under constant pressure to reduce their risks and offer their clients a level of service second to none.   The Gold-i Gate Bridge release 2.50 has evolved with this in mind.”