Siege FX now available on Bloomberg FXGO

FXGO users can now route their FX spot orders directly to the innovative Siege P2P liquidity pool and subsequently leverage FXGO prime broker communication and allocation management capabilities to achieve straight-through processing.

April, 2021

Residual order amounts can be traded via the full spectrum of FXGO trading methods. Alternatively, clients utilizing algorithmic orders offered by a number of banks and non-bank liquidity providers on FXGO may be able to designate Siege as a routing destination, to allow the orders to be executed against Siege liquidity only or a combined liquidity pool which Siege is a part of. Please refer to Siege and your algorithmic order providers for the details. Bloomberg FXGO is available on the Bloomberg Terminal. Siege FX is available on a proprietary browser-based interface and via the FIX protocol