Swissquote partners with Taurus  

Swissquote Bank has selected Taurus as a partner for its digital asset infrastructure.

April, 2021

Lamine Brahimi
Lamine Brahimi

Swissquote will use Taurus-ProtectTM as a secure storage solution to complement its existing set-up. In addition, Swissquote will use Taurus’ latest solution, Taurus- CapitalTM and will be able to tokenize and manage a wide range of digital assets as well as interact with any type of Ethereum smart contract. Both products leverage Taurus’ blockchain node infrastructure Taurus-ExplorerTM which provides a unified API and reliable broadcasting algorithms to interface securely with multiple blockchain networks. 

Lamine Brahimi, co-founder at Taurus: “It’s a privilege to support Swissquote, a leader in digital banking, in implementing their growth strategy in digital assets. What makes me extremely proud is that we bring to Swissquote our latest innovation in the area of tokenized assets on top of our secure custody infrastructure.”