TopFX looks to build on a successful 2019

As 2019 proved to be such a busy and successful year for an institutional prime services provider TopFX, we caught up with Alex Katsaros, CEO of the firm, to ask about what’s in store for 2020.

February, 2020

Alex Katsaros
Alex Katsaros

Alex, please can you tell us about some of the key ways that TopFX grew its international footprint last year?

Hello, thank you for having me. Sure, 2019 was quite a busy year for TopFX. In February, we launched the All-in-One Broker Solution, which was an evolution of our previous “startup solution”. We enhanced this new product with many added services to create the ultimate turn-key solution for launching and operating a CFD brokerage. Due to the All-in-One Solution being one of the most comprehensive solutions for that purpose, the market has received it exceptionally well, and TopFX gained considerable publicity.

The introduction of the All-in-One Solution propelled us to exhibit at multiple expos and conferences globally, giving out keynote speeches and closing clients on the spot. It’s great to be doing business face to face in this day and age. 

In December, we received a license from the FSA of Seychelles for a new company within our group and started our Introducer Program. TopFX has created this program to be groundbreaking and reach far beyond the current introducing broker offerings in the industry. 

The combined effect of all this activity resulted in increasing our business in Africa and Asia while our European activity was not affected as much by ESMA measures because TopFX, the Cysec regulated entity, deals with professional clients and Broker-clients. 

Why are the solutions you provide proving so popular with brokers?

Our Premium Liquidity solution is popular because of our 10 years of experience with liquidity, our customized solutions, and great mentoring and support. Whatever our clients request, we’ve seen and done it all, so they are confident they will get the best service.  

We know how hard it is for a new CFD brokerage to set up the infrastructure required to operate. Until recently startup brokerages had to mix and match components from vendors randomly, ending up having to do integrations themselves or paying the vendors to integrate with each other, ending up with a solution of questionable quality. 

It’s hard to believe this used to be the norm when today startups receive Premium Liquidity from TopFX, combined with the full version of the world-famous award-winning cTrader platform, including back-office solution, trading server, copy trading, and mobile apps. In addition to those core components, our clients receive from us a CRM, a cashier, a Website, Autochartist, and automation of reporting via Tradefora. 

When a client receives all this value through the TopFX All-in-One Broker Solution, without having to pay for any integrations or setup fees and without the hassle coming from synchronizing with many different vendors, it’s logical that the product will be successful and popular. 


What is so special about the TopFX introducer program that makes it “groundbreaking”?

Business to business solutions has always been our expertise. We started our introducer program from the ground up by thinking how we can help our introducer-partners to see this venture as a real business, but without having to go through the need to acquire white labels or grey labels. We aimed at streamlining the process to help them onboard and start faster. 

Our new introducer program does exactly that. TopFX does not compete with the introducer, because we accept retail clients only via our introducer-partners. That means we will never have disputes about whether a client was pre-existing or attracted by our marketing. In addition, the program never expires, so our introducers will receive their rebates forever. 

TopFX wants to build long-lasting relationships with introducers, offer them more control over their business and the freedom to customize their rewards in the way they deem most suitable to them.  We provide our introducers with a total of fifteen different pricing and rebate plans to choose from, allowing them to execute their own business strategy depending on the type of clients they deal with. Lastly, we offer full marketing support, mentoring, funding, and presence via our country representatives who manage our introducer relationships in each country. 

Looking ahead what plans do you have this year for rolling out new products and services?

I feel that we have already built great fundamentals. We are in a good place product-wise, so our focus in 2020 will be to expand to as many countries as possible, continue our strong presence in expos and conferences, and fine-tune our Liquidity, All-in-One and Introducer solutions to increase client satisfaction, improve support quality and automate our processes as much as possible. Lastly, we are definitely considering to add new jurisdictions to our group of companies.