oneZero launches institutional offering

Andrew Ralich, oneZero’s CEO, spoke to e-Forex to tell us how his firms technology gives users full control of aggregation, price formation, price distribution and risk management.

February, 2021

Andrew Ralich
Andrew Ralich

Please tell us about oneZero’s Institutional Hub.

We’re excited to announce the launch of oneZero’s Institutional Hub. Our team has been hard at work on this new Hub, which allows clients to define all trading criteria with advanced aggregation, price formation, customized distribution, risk management and systematic hedging. Comprehensive price formation capabilities are used in conjunction with intelligence gained from oneZero’s advanced analytics that allow institutional brokers and banks to analyze their liquidity provider performance and client trading behavior. The Institutional Hub user interface gives control back to the trader, presenting them with a simplistic way of executing complicated workflows.

What clients is the Institutional Hub designed for?

As a business, our goal is to create technology that solves specific challenges for specific audiences. The Institutional Hub adds to oneZero’s suite of Hubs that also includes Retail Broker Hub and Liquidity Provider Hub. With the Institutional Hub, the technology is specifically designed for a wide range of sell-side clients from institutional brokers, prime of primes and regional banks. The solution enables customers to capture incoming executable quote streams from venues and liquidity providers, including support of multiple streams each with multiple levels of depth. Users can then integrate these streams, including transforming them to adjust for costs such as brokerage and estimated costs of trade rejections, into distinct pools of liquidity that drive both pricing functions and serve as destinations for trading activity.

oneZero manages billions of quotes and millions of transactions every day

What else does oneZero do for these firms?

We give institutional brokers and banks more control over their liquidity function. oneZero empowers Institutional Hub clients to facilitate bilateral relationships between their customers and their liquidity sources. This is strengthened by Data Source’s stored quote and trade data that is transformed into analytics that enable informed strategies. Users can collect all their quote and trade data in Data Source DNA and make it available to their own quant teams, third-party analytics providers or to oneZero’s own analytics.

What else makes up oneZero’s total offering?

Beyond the ones and zeros of our technology (no pun intended), we are committed to giving our customers the support they need. With over 100 staff, oneZero offers a follow-the-sun support model, with a global operations team based in Asia, Europe and the United States that provides customer support 24/5.5 to clients in their own time zone. We invest heavily in support to make sure our clients have what they need to succeed.

What else has oneZero been working on?

We have been building out our complete institutional offering, which includes technology advancements as well as building out our team. We recently appointed Stuart Brock as Head of Institutional Sales, UK and Continental Europe. We have also been working hard on features specifically for our institutional clients, and we look forward to announcing them shortly.