Digitec creates new software solution

Digitec are celebrating the creation of a new software solution for the forex market, with their D3 system offering ground breaking applications for prospective clients. 

December, 2017

Peer Joost
Peer Joost

Digitec are celebrating the creation of a new software solution for the forex market, with their D3 system offering ground breaking applications for prospective clients. The new project has been divided into three different applications by the Hamburg based company, which clients can choose from. 

Firstly, the D3 elements module is the base unit for the market data, and all of the complicated algorithms.  It collects market data from multiple sources, and enriches them through various blending features. 

The communication tool allows a seamless connection to various e-trading and rate distribution platforms.

D3 sheets is the trader’s interface, and is used to monitor their forward curves in real time, while having the ability to interfere in an instant, if this is required.  Due to the intense market overviews available, clients have the information to design their own pricing strategy using adjustments such as spreads, margins or skews, which be layered on a curve. Also, there is the seminal D3 curves editor. The user can create highly sophisticated yield curves and derives its information from the money market curves, not relying so much on broker data, or data from another bank.

All of the D3 applications are supported by a central core component that handles the static data for currency combinations, holidays and access rights.

D3 Sheets

D3 Sheets

Total flexibility

Peer Joost, head of marketing and sales at Digitec, said: “Our old D3 version has its roots in the early 2000s, it was based on an old architectural system. This has been our main motivation to develop a future-proof, modern and fully scalable system. If your business is growing, you not only need your software to deliver trading data at huge speed but also to be scalable. 

The new D3 offers total flexibility when it comes to number of users, amount of processable data and corresponding hardware. This is a huge advantage for those banks and clients that need a future proof system for a growing business.” 

He added: “We have built the new system with a better user interface. The look and feel is modern and intuitive, as one would expect in 2018. The development of D3 is always an ongoing process. We are constantly improving our software to ensure our product stays ahead in terms of reliability, performance and user-friendliness.”

So far, clients approve of the new  D3 software, and not purely because of the advantages of the new interface, but also because of the additional features that make the new system more than just a face lift. 


Digitec welcomes feedback and market insights from their clients, enabling them to  react to the general changes of market conventions or behaviour as quickly as possible. The company possesses a broad clients list, which arrive from more than 30 international banks that are based in the United States, all over continental Europe, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Mr Joost continued: “Many traders in the banks are used to work with Microsoft Excel for performing calculations, but there is no central system that would allow them to share all information with their colleagues in real-time. D3 is replacing more and more Microsoft Excel setups on forex forward desks, and uses the curve editor to provide traders with highly sophisticated curve modelling features, and calculations that they got used to in Excel. For our software and services we cumulated the know-how and wishes of all of our clients, and the features that they would like.”