Devexperts launches DXtrade

Devexperts, a company with 18 years of experience in custom platform development, recently announced the launch of its new off-the-shelf trading platform for retail brokerages.

First Published by e-Forex News: June, 2020

Conor O’Driscoll
Conor O’Driscoll

Devexperts, a company with 18 years of experience in custom platform development, recently announced the launch of its new off-the-shelf trading platform for retail brokerages. e-Forex spoke to Conor O’Driscoll for more details.

Why is now such a good time to launch an all-new trading platform?

Aside from the recent surge in volatility and brokerage volumes, I think we’re entering a very interesting period for the online trading industry. You can think of it as a tipping point of sorts, several factors are coming together to make this segment ready for some new blood where previously it may not have been. The established names don’t command the same brand recognition among younger traders, who are steadily growing in number and come with different demands than previous generations of traders. This is leading brokers to be more willing to explore other avenues where in the past they would have just opted for the usual suspects. It’s also an opportunity for brokers to revamp their offerings and stand out from the pack, while also seeing how the technology has progressed and exploring all the new things they can now do on the back-end as well.

The new DXtrade platform

Many companies have found it difficult to compete with the existing platform providers in this industry. What makes Devexperts different?

Our team has a great deal of experience in this space. Not only do we have a thorough knowledge of the platforms already on the market, many of our developers have worked on extending their functionality and pushing them to their limits. Whether it be on the development of bridges, liquidity aggregators or connectivity solutions, our guys know this market from the ground up. Over the years we have also amassed a wealth of experience in creating custom platforms for many institutions. This has provided us with unique insights into what different businesses require as well as a lot of experience in troubleshooting problems that come up in different contexts. I think now is a perfect time for us to put all this knowledge to work with our new software as a service platform solution.

What are the benefits of DXtrade?

To begin with, it’s web-based, offering a seamless and professional experience across all devices and operating systems. It’s cloud-based, meaning that brokers can leave the management, support and maintenance of the platform in the capable hands of our team. One of the biggest advantages of our platform is its risk management functionality. The capability provided for risk management and dealing departments, far exceeds what is currently offered by other retail trading platforms. This is further complimented by highly configurable back office settings, which allow brokers to optimise their platform setup. DXtrade is also massively customisable in terms of UI, allowing brokers to configure layouts and watchlists that they regard as ideal for their traders. The interface itself is based on widgets, which allows for the data to be presented in all sorts of interesting and intuitive ways. It also allows us to provide a steady stream of updates to the functionality and the way the platform looks and feels. This means that the platform will continue to change and evolve. We already have a pipeline of exciting new features that we’re planning to roll out throughout the rest of the year.