oneZero launches new version of Liquidity Hub

oneZero Financial Systems, a global leader in innovative institutional and retail FX liquidity and technology solutions, has recently announced release 7.0 of its hugely popular Liquidity Hub software. We asked Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm to tell us more about this and other news from the company.

November, 2018

Andrew Ralich
Andrew Ralich

Andrew, what new functionality has oneZero introduced into Liquidity Hub in 2018 for oneZero clients?

Recent enhancements to Liquidity Hub deliver more powerful risk management controls to support clients in growing their business. Direct Market Access (DMA) delivers connectivity to multiple exchanges across equities, commodities, and fixed income to let brokers extend their end-customer offerings. Auto Hedging can maximize client profitability through setup and customization of trading triggers to improve risk management through granular control limits, alerts and 360 client views. Brokers can manage outgoing pricing through Price Bands, by aggregating and fine tuning liquidity on a per-client basis and customizing volume tiers with spreading and skewing logic in combination with oneZero’s REST API and NOP monitoring. Quote Filtering and Session Profiles are two additional tools that let users proactively respond to market trends through automated controls.

What key benefits is oneZero offering to brokers and market makers through your new technology updates?

Liquidity Hub’s expanded capabilities will let clients better manage their customer relationships so they can focus on growing their businesses. With the ongoing need to manage compliance, sophisticated risk management tools can support growth through increased efficiency. For example, our powerful new Market Data Sentinel empowers MetaTrader 5 brokers through automated reporting of market data and exchange compliance. It is the first solution available to meet this important business need for brokers. We use technology to solve challenging client issues, and this was an area where we felt we could develop and deliver a unique solution to the market.

Earlier this year oneZero partnered with B2C2 to offer crypto market making and liquidity. How much increased interest in accessing this new asset class are you seeing from your clients?

We have over a dozen crypto venues available through our platform. In our view, the future of brokerage is going to continue to move toward expanding the asset classes available for trading through a single front-end platform.

We support the broader trend towards offering multi-asset class trading that leading brokers are embracing. As with any new product, time will tell about how important it is. We are still in the early innings around crypto. Certain regions appear to be embracing it more actively. As more experience is gained, take up will likely expand.

e-Forex has reported on some of the concerns that many very large institutional players still have with the cryptocurrency market particularly with respect to trading connectivity and infrastructure solutions which are not seen as technically efficient and robust enough. What do you see as the main technology hurdles that still need to be addressed to attract more institutional engagement with cryptos?

While many talk about crypto as the holy grail, we feel this is the wrong focus. Putting the emphasis on blockchain is a distraction from running a solid customer-focused business that is based on fundamentals. From our perspective, we know that our technology can support whatever is needed in terms of trading volumes, since we’ve built our platform and infrastructure to scale. One of our objectives is to be a reliable provider of technology infrastructure for our customers who want to focus on their client relationships.

oneZero has made a commitment to providing top-tier liquidity to MetaTrader 5 clients. In what ways have you been working to offer an improved MetaTrader 5 gateway featuring Direct Market Access capabilities and what sorts of firms are looking for this DMA functionality?

DMA is a natural extension to make a wider variety of products available to clients for trading. There is a steep learning curve that emerging firms face before they are equipped to support these new asset classes. More compliance, reporting and risk management tools are needed to transition to single margined customer accounts.

For this reason, we created Market Data Sentinel to address the tracking of exchange data usage for MetaTrader 5 clients. Our system automates a previously manual process through the data capture and reporting to streamline the workflow process and increase efficiency.

Version 7 of Liquidity Hub is just the latest milestone for the company. What are your team currently focusing on in terms of delivering new products and services?

Our focus remains on growing our client base by offering more ways that brokers can manage and grow their business. For instance, getting access to greater liquidity or distributing liquidity through our EcoSystem is a pathway to growth.

As we welcome more brokerage partnerships, we continue to invest in our infrastructure and support. We like to keep doing what we are known for: High- end development of strong technology with great functionality to meet customer needs, and superior client service across a globally distributed team. We will be having new functionality roll out in December, so more news to follow.