Plugit completes rebrand built around YOONIT

Plugit, one of the leading technology providers to the global forex brokerage industry, has completed a wide-ranging rebranding process built around YOONIT, the company’s game-changing comprehensive solution. e-Forex spoke with Plugit CEO, Jalal Faour to discover more.

November, 2019

Jalal Faour
Jalal Faour

Why has Plugit decided to rebrand?

Initially the rebranding process was built around YOONIT, our new ground-breaking solution designed for Retail Brokers. Moreover, we wanted to express the evolution of our company in the trading tech space and reflect the vision and values at the core of the brand – effectiveness, efficiency, scalability and sustainability. Our new website was designed to mirror the intuitiveness that is at the heart of YOONIT’s appeal. We now offer a powerful and versatile trading support solution with strong corporate assets to match.

Please tell us more about how YOONIT has been designed and what the system offers?

YOONIT is a cloud-based modular trading support platform, comprising 6 core Forex business functions. These include a CRM for client management and retention, IB & Affiliate portal for multi-level partnership programs, MAM/PAMM, Signals (trade copy), Dynamic (Tiered) Margin for real-time risk management and Bonus Automation modules all available and manageable from a single console. 

Brokers can operate the system and monitor the activity of their clients through a dynamic and intuitive back office, while feature-rich Client portal is designed for Traders, IBs, Money Managers and other stakeholders. YOONIT is the fusion of Plugit’s most popular and powerful products into a complete and fully customizable platform designed to optimize and automate daily operations and deliver maximum profitability to Brokers. It is also intuitive enough for compact teams of non- specialist staff to operate. Besides, we ensure seamless integration with Metatrader platforms, a wide range of payment system providers (PSPs) and other 3rd party applications.

What makes YOONIT so unique?

It’s a complete trading support ecosystem with a unique toolkit necessary for any retail Forex brokerage to operate successfully and ensure peak performance. Brokers can centrally manage different types of clients with ease and work on multiple MT4 and MT5 servers from a single interface. All modules work independently or together as an entire platform, giving our customers the flexibility to pick the modules they need. It takes the stress away from brokers, having to deal with multiple providers, plugins and solution with separate portals and management systems. From uptime of over 99%, rapid deployment and instant configurability to no volume fees and zero downside - you have it all.

Now that you have successfully rebranded where will you be focusing your efforts to grow the company further and capture new business opportunities?

We’ve accomplished quite a few major milestones this year, including rebrand and launch of the new product. We will keep adding more tools and features to the YOONIT portfolio, while implementing features based on our clients’ requests and feedback, optimizing the UX and improving our customer service. Furthermore, PLUGIT will seek to expand its presence in emerging markets, open more offices globally and keep growing our team.