PLUGIT launches upgraded YOONIT system V2.0

Leading financial software provider, PLUGIT has recently launched an upgraded YOONIT system V2.0. We spoke to CEO, Jalal Faour to discover more about it.

November, 2020

Jalal Faour
Jalal Faour

Jalal, please can you remind our readers about the key features and functionality of your modular trading support platform, YOONIT and what core modules it is composed of.

YOONIT is a unique system with a modular structure, backed by some of the latest and most advanced technology developments. It’s composed of 6 modules: MAM/PAMM with Trade Copy functionality, Dynamic Margin - our flagship automated risk management tool, Bonus Automation, and the other 3 modules which can work together as a complete CRM – Traders & Operations, On-boarding and IB/Affiliate modules.

YOONIT can be connected to multiple MT4, MT5 servers or white labels simultaneously, acting as a single interface where various departments can work together, keeping your entire operations running smoothly. It comes with in-depth reporting capabilities, trade analysis, and comprehensive operation logs all available directly within your dashboard, making it the ultimate solution for brokers universally.

In what ways does V2.0 of YOONIT improve on the previous version of the software and enhance its capabilities?

Amongst the countless feature upgrades and new interface design, the biggest improvement is on the technology infrastructure, now with a largely optimized UX, and even faster processing and troubleshooting time, providing a better support experience for brokers.

The portal comes with a highly improved CRM functionality, tasks setting, lead tracking, added languages, and is fully customizable. It also grants brokers more flexibility to finetune user permissions and manage the team access, minimizing the dependency on the provider.

Notably, we have added profit sharing and commission options for Signals in MAM/PAMM module following our clients’ feedback. Auto-link function is now also available in both MAM and IB/Affiliate modules. There’re upgrades and tools every user will find useful, from backend to frontend.

Are there any additional cost implications involved in adopting V2.0?

No, the driving force for the upgrade was to create economies of scale for our clients, to add value by improving functionality, work efficiency and user experience, so brokers can reduce their overall operational cost and focus more on their profit generation.


What are the real benefits of adopting YOONIT?

Brokers can get the ultimate value from technology at minimum cost. And by cost I don’t just mean the obvious monetary, it also includes the amount of time spent looking for and switching between incompatible and oftentimes inconsistent solutions to get a job done and having multiple service providers involved. Scalability, reliability, compatibility, centralization, personalization, process automation – are all the attributes of our system that brokers are benefiting from.

Plus, YOONIT can be integrated with different 3rd party systems with little lag time, making it easier for Brokers to cater to a global audience and their changing needs.

Can YOONIT be successfully deployed by all types of brokers of different sizes and business models?

Yes, it’s a scalable solution where you can pick the modules that best fit your business’ needs and scale up when the time comes, making it suitable for both start-ups and big enterprises. 

How has your business been performing during the current COVID-19 crisis and have you seen increased demand during the pandemic for any specific products or services from your clients?

In general, it’s been stable. We do see a slowdown in European market; however, we also have big a presence in APAC and other regions where the business is still active and showing increase. With the unfortunate layoffs in some of the brokerages, we do see an increase of demand in automation and risk management tools. 

What's coming along next in your product development roadmap?

We will continue developing more modules for our YOONIT portfolio and making system upgrades based on the market needs. Next in the making is the YOONIT mobile app. We have also had additions to our team with more industry veterans bringing their experience and a fresh perspective to our work landscape, so things are looking bright for PLUGIT.