Advanced Markets launches Single Stock CFDs

Leading Prime of Prime liquidity provider, Advanced Markets has recently added Single Stock CFDs to its clients’ trade offerings. We asked Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at the firm, to tell us more about this exciting asset extension and the benefits for FX market participants to start working with the company.

October, 2019

Natallia Hunik
Natallia Hunik

Why did Advanced Markets decide to add Single Stock CFDs to its trade offering now?

Single Stock CFDs are being added in response to demand from our growing and diversified client base. Many of our clients cater to regions where stock market access is hard to come by so these types of products are highly sought after. Moreover, they are an excellent vehicle for diversification for investor’s portfolio and have the added advantage of being able to be traded with leverage. 

Our initial package of Single Stock CFDs consists mostly of large cap US, European and Asian equities but we will be expanding further from here by adding more geographies and expanding into mid-caps. Advanced Markets’ complete CFD offering can be accessed by institutional traders via a FIX API and various front-end platforms. We also offer extended trading hours on selected Single Stock CFDs. 

What do you think are the most exciting Single Stock CFDs Advanced Markets is offering to its clients and why?

I believe that access to US equities is the most sought after as the US market is the largest, and most valuable stock market in the world today. We offer a wide range of company stocks, including the most notable US tech giants as well as the largest European and Asian companies listed on the US exchanges. It’s exciting that professional investors from around the world can now tap into the US stock market and take a piece of the action at a time when indices are trading close to their all-time highs. 

Natallia, which FX market participant should trade Single Stock CFDs and have the chance to benefit the most from that market?

Any institutional investor that is looking to access the equity market on a hassle-free basis (without actually owning the underlying stock) and who is looking to take advantage of the volatility, while trading on a leveraged basis. 

Advanced Markets offers Single Stock CFDs in a regulated environment (UK FCA and Australia ASIC) with the full benefits of equity trading including dividend distribution and extended market hours. More importantly, Advanced Markets is not on the other side of the client’s trade, its offering is 100% DMA.

Why should FX brokers and fund managers trade Single Stock CFDs with Advanced Markets?

Advanced Markets takes pride in the fact that it has been a true 100% DMA broker since 2006. We have always been loyal to our model and stay convinced that the only way to provide a fair and transparent environment to our clients is by being an agency broker enabling clients to participate in financial trading without having an inherent conflict of interest with their broker.

Only with Advanced Markets, professional traders can rest assured that their trades are responsibly routed to world’s largest liquidity providers. 
As with other asset classes, Advanced Markets offers Single Stock CFDs on an agency basis. Advanced Markets’ CFDs are accessible via API or various front-end GUI platforms and are offered responsibly under the regulated jurisdictions of Australia and United Kingdom.