Chris Leaver

OSTTRA and Baton partner to launch FX PvP service

March 2024 in News Headlines

Global post-trade solutions provider OSTTRA has announced the launch of an FX PvP settlement orchestration service designed to mitigate bilateral settlement risk between participants, while optimising intraday funding, liquidity, and credit risk. The PvP service will be delivered on proven distributed ledger technology (DLT) from Baton Systems and marks a significant milestone in increasing market wide access to PvP, helping to address FX settlement risk concerns.  The focus will be on settling flows not currently settled on CLS, including non-CLS eligible transactions such as offshore Chinese renminbi, which has almost doubled in the percentage share of global FX trading volumes from 2019 to 2022 according to BIS. Chris Leaver, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at OSTTRA, added: “There’s huge scope for further post-trade efficiencies across OTC asset classes: this new service represents an important milestone in the evolution of our FX network, extending existing workflows to reduce settlement risk for thousands of OSTTRA clients”.