Jalal Faour

PLUGIT celebrates its 10th anniversary

March 2022 in Partner Content

Jalal Faour, Founder of leading fintech provider PLUGIT talks to e-Forex about the company, where it all began, its flagship system YOONIT and what future holds for the firm.

What was your driving force to build such a business and how did it all start?

Being involved in the Forex industry for quiet some time back in the day, I noticed a gap in the fintech sector. There was lack of solutions that catered to brokers of different sizes, affordable enough for start-ups entering the market, and having the functionality suitable for enterprise level businesses not wanting to compromise on the quality. So I set out to create solutions to fill this gap.

What was your vision for the company back in 2012 and has that changed in any way?

Since the beginning, my vision has been to be a customer-centric company and provide brokers with innovative and robust solutions to help them overcome their operational challenges while minimizing risk and maximizing profit. This vision is the continuous driving force behind everything we do.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Looking back, there are many achievements that I can think of. From having developed a multitude of robust solutions that have successfully served over 100 clients, to becoming one of the industry’s leading technology providers. But most importantly building a fantastic team with multinational individuals, each bringing fresh perspectives and bold ideas for the benefit of our clients and the company.

How have PLUGIT’s offerings evolved over the years, and how do they fulfill the forex market’s needs these days?

The Forex industry is continuously evolving, and we are together with it. We let the market help us determine what our products need to be. So that, in combination heavy financial trading technology research and development, we can ensure that the most advanced solutions are available to our clients.

As the market need for specialized trading solutions increased over the years, PLUGIT has incorporated a multi-faceted approach and expanded its portfolio to match the needs of the Forex industry.

Our latest development and current flagship product is YOONIT– a modular management and trading support system that can be tailored to each brokers’ unique needs to solve their pain points and optimize their daily operations. The current version of YOONIT offers a unique five-core toolkit, fully compatible with MT4/MT5 platforms and can be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party applications.

Where do you see PLUGIT developing further during the next 5 years and in what ways do you expect the company to grow?

In terms of geographical footprint, our goal is to maintain our growth trajectory, both on a local and global levels. We will continue to expand our relations in Europe, the Middle East, Asian regions, and South America. In 5 years I’d expect us to double in size both in terms of our client base and employees globally.

As far as to what we do, our focus is to continue developing and enchancing our YOONIT system with new modules and tools, which will help brokers to always keep up with the latest technological advancements.