Phil Morris

Reactive Markets partners with Tradefeedr

January 2022 in News Headlines

Reactive Markets, provider of Switchboard, the cutting-edge cross-asset trading and price streaming network, has formed a strategic partnership with Tradefeedr, a leading independent data and analytics provider. Under the partnership Switchboard clients can choose for their Crypto and FX post-trade data to automatically stream to Tradefeedr. The new service is live and fully integrated with Switchboard, meaning that clients who opt-in will see their post-trade data streaming from Switchboard to Tradefeedr within minutes. Switchboard is the first open and transparent liquidity network for Crypto and FX trading, where clients can trade on a fully disclosed basis with their relationship LPs at no cost, connecting via a single high performance API or front end trader desktop. Tradefeedr has created a common, truly independent trading database, which allows the sell-side, buy-side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers, and central banks to connect, analyse their trading data, and collaborate. In June 2021, Tradefeedr launched its ground-breaking data analytics platform with more than 15 leading sell-side and 20 major buy-side firms onboarding and another 20 in the pipeline.