Gabino Roche Jr.

Saphyre collaborates with DTCC on T+1

May 2024 in News Headlines

Saphyre, Inc., a fintech company using patented technology to solve pre-trade activities and post-trade issues, has announced plans to collaborate with DTCC to deliver a solution to support clients with U.S. T+1 settlement requirements. Saphyre plans to link Saphyre’s Ready-To-Trade solution with data from DTCC’s ALERT to increase transparency, efficiency, and straight-through processing across the institutional trading industry. Ready-To-Trade subscribers will be able to query the status of critical standing settlement instructions (SSIs) reference data for all accounts, across all parties and across electronic systems directly from the Saphyre platform.  The SSI status query can be done at the point of account opening or at any time during the trade lifecycle.

Gabino Roche Jr., CEO & Founder at Saphyre said: “This collaboration between Saphyre and DTCC is another example of how Saphyre is leveraging pre-trade data to manage Ready-To-Trade capabilities for the front office while proactively streamlining post-trade settlement activities. These are the types of real-time solutions needed for T+1 operational readiness and management.”