Vinay Trivedi

SGX FX releases updated AI offering

May 2024 in News Headlines

SGX FX has unveiled the latest version of its artificial intelligence (AI) tool, giving financial institutions improved access to faster and more informed FX trading decisions. Released through its e-FX and digital assets trading solutions provider, MaxxTrader, the tool curates FX and digital assets price and trade data before automatically generating actionable insights to a stakeholder – providing quicker and easier decision-making abilities. “Gone are the days of spending copious amounts of time sifting through reports, FX traders can now gather tangible insights such as changes in average hold times of the top 10 liquidity providers in a matter of seconds,” said Vinay Trivedi, chief operating officer at MaxxTrader. “With its enhanced capabilities in analysing client data insights alongside a bank’s internal data, the tool creates stronger client engagement and redefining efficiency standards across FX. Whether identifying that a client is trading less, or detecting rejected quotes on specific pairs, the tool liberates traders to seek answers to key questions.”