Richard Balmer

IPC – Simplifying Communications for Financial Services

February 2022 in Podcasts

e-Forex speaks with Richard Balmer, Director of Network Product Management at IPC

As IPC approaches its 50th birthday its ubiquitous presence in the market cannot be underestimated, providing secure voice communications across its global network to generations of traders. IPC supports local markets centered on the human element with cutting-edge cloud-based trading communications and managed connectivity.

Today, its range of solutions have expanded and responded to upcoming market challenges, with solutions supporting crypto and algo technology well on their way. IPC’s world class data network is called Connexus Cloud. This allows IPC to deliver end to end service guarantees combined with highly flexible topologies.

In this podcast, Richard chats with Larry Levy about how regulators have had to “keep pace with the tech”.  IPC’s Proximity Cloud solution is able to stand up computer capabilities in the client’s chosen data centres as well as the well-known co-location venues. Richard talks about how this product differentiates itself from other solutions in the market, especially including “high-speed interconnect into the public cloud.” We touch on how IPC is also helping cutting edge algo hedge funds integrate their technology stack.

Finally Richard addresses how “crypto has demonstrated the new way forward” and the effect of crypto technology on the public cloud including the digitization of workflow and the embracing of technologies such as DLT and Blockchain.

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