David Vincent

smartTrade unveils smart Copilot

September 2023 in News Headlines

smartTrade has announced the launch of smart Copilot which leverages the unique integration of several Large Language Models (LLMs) and leading technologies like OpenAI ChatGPT. This synergy provides tailored sales assistance, unique client insights, and actionable AI and Machine

Learning analytics to optimize trading and client management. The smartTrade community is actively exploring a myriad of potential applications and integrations. From the development of voice-activated trading algorithms to leveraging LLMs for advanced market forecasting, David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade, said: “smart Copilot represents the next generation of innovation in the payments and trading arena. It’s our answer to the evolving demands of the market, ensuring every interaction is both insightful and personalized.” Building on this sentiment, Alex Culiniac, CTO, remarked: “The smart Copilot, developed in the smartTrade R&D labs, is truly innovative. It not only enhances our ongoing efforts to introduce innovative solutions but also prioritizes data intelligence in driving decision-making for front office payments and trading.” smartTrade remains dedicated to the responsible and ethical development of AI, ensuring transparency, security, and data integrity.