Tradefeedr partners with PrimeXM

September 2021 in News Headlines

Tradefeedr, the community-based, FX data and analytics provider has partnered with PrimeXM, a leading fintech provider focused on liquidity aggregation, order routing and ultra-low latency hosting and connectivity, to deliver Tradefeedr’s data analytics to clients using the XCore technology stack provided by PrimeXM. Tradefeedr has created a common, truly independent FX trading database allowing market participants across the sell side, buy side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers and central banks to connect, analyse their trading data and collaborate. In June 2021, Tradefeedr launched its ground breaking FX data analytics platform with more than 15 leading sell-side and 20 major buy side firms onboarding and another 20 in the pipeline.

The PrimeXM partnership allows participants of PrimeXM’s XCore community to gain access to advanced trading data management and analytics in a seamless way. XCore aggregates liquidity and supports multi-asset classes, across an excess of 120 industry leading market makers, with support for multiple industry standard interfaces. The partnership will deliver the full suite of Tradefeedr’s collaborative tools to PrimeXM clients on demand when they elect to gain connectivity with Tradefeedr.

Tradefeedr Co-Founder Alexei Jiltsov said: “In today’s markets, trading, analytics and collaboration with your counterparties is an essential part of the trading solution and there is a significant variation in the amount and quality of data inputs that enable users to make the best decisions. The partnership with PrimeXM is a natural fit for Tradefeedr given the seamless integration with XCore tech, providing trading and market access to their institutional clients. We are excited to be working with the PrimeXM team sharing a similar ethos of value-add technology solutions to clients who are looking for advanced trading data management.”