ANZ Investment Bank

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242 Pitt Street
NSW 2000

Company Overview
ANZ is a leading provider of foreign exchange, interest rate and commodities risk management services.

We’re also a leading provider in e-commerce for financial markets. Clients can execute, confirm and settle foreign exchange (FX) deals through our secure web-based dealing platform – ANZ FX Online.

ANZ FX Online allows you to create and manage FX contracts in over 270 currency pairs. It gives you full visibility over your FX payments and contracts, whether they were booked online, or over the phone.
Single dealer platforms
Other associated services:
ANZ FX Online is a secure web-based platform that enables you to:
- Transact foreign exchange spot, forwards and swaps on a permission basis across a range of currencies
- Extend or pre-deliver FX contracts
- Settle your deals online
- Create and manage your beneficiaries
- Confirm your FX deals online via a single sign-on access to E-matching
- View deal and payment history with an audit trail detailing all deals, whether cancelled, outstanding or matured
- Export your deal history in .cvs format that can be loaded into a variety of third party treasury packages
- Replicate your company approval levels online
- Access a dedicated e-commerce Support Desk for platform or transaction assistance