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Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional
CMC Markets UK plc
133 Houndsditch

Company Overview
We provide global market access for our clients, enabling them to realise their revenue potential through multi-asset liquidity provision and award-winning trading technology.

Bank clients
Broker clients
Fund investment clients
Global Coverage:
We have international offices in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, New Zealand, Noway, Poland, Singapore, Spain and UAE
Asset Classes / Instrument supported:
We offer our clients the ability to trade on over 11,000 instruments across CFDs, and derivatives (incl. FX, indices, commodities, equities and treasuries) through a single connection.
Liquidity analytics
Other associated services:
Our automated analytics plus our team of quantitative analysts and data scientists reveal ongoing improvements which help us to optimise the pricing that we provide to our clients.

In addition to our technology and liquidity solutions we are able to support your business through a range of complementary services:

Pre-trade - Liquidity Optimisation
Our team of analysts will work with you via your account manager to ensure you receive the best possible costs and spreads by looking at your unique approach, including times of the day you are trading and any specific events you are trading around.

Post-trade - Trade Cost Analysis (TCA)
We provide full post-trade transparency allowing counterparties to compare performance across multiple liquidity provider’s. Our TCA is provided by a 3rd party to ensure an unbiased insight into each execution
Other associated services:
We offer a range of flexible and easy to use orders so you can best manage your trade entry, exit and risk. Advanced features include boundary orders, guaranteed stop-loss orders, trailing stops, price ladders and more.
Multi-asset class platforms
White label platforms
Other associated services:
We provide access to award-winning multi-asset class trading platforms including our own proprietary Next Generation platform and IRESS.

Our bespoke white label solutions allow regulated institutions to extract more value from their existing client base by providing a premium trading experience. Our offering enables clients to grow their business and increase revenue by freeing up resources to focus on core business functions.

Our grey label solution is designed for regulated entities looking to introduce or trade on behalf of their client base.

Whether you’re a licensed investment firm operating a trading strategy for managed accounts, or a broker providing other added-value services, introduce your clients to our cost-effective, award-winning derivative trading solution so you can concentrate on accelerating your business growth and market potential.

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Other associated services:
Whether it’s for regulatory reporting, performance analysis or risk auditing, our service delivers your data when and how you require it. We can provide trade drop copy, end of day files, corporate action data and OBIE reporting.

We provide the data in order for you to meet your MiFID and EMIR regulatory requirements including delegated EMIR reporting and other bespoke requests.

We provide clients with access to CMC Vision, our graphic user interface, for position keeping and risk management across account or client structure.

Integrate real-time account data via CMC Vision with reconciled end of day files for improved clarity and confidence in your positions.
Liquidity provision
Liquidity management
Other associated services:
Dedicated Liquidity:
By combining both our natural client order flow and a range of external pricing sources we are able to offer you consistent liquidity, market depth and best execution.

Sculpted liquidity:
We work with our clients in order to construct a bespoke price based on our tier one bank relationships combined with our own liquidity for a minimal market impact solution.

Deep liquidity:
Deep liquidity pools made up of our institutional critical mass and additional retail client base.
Money management
Other associated services:
Unique to CMC our money manager platform allows for individual client trade allocation as well as block trading.

Service your end clients through Nucleus, our broker facilitation tool. Functions include client creation, funding and administration.

Become an introducing broker with us and you could receive remuneration by introducing customers to our desktop and mobile platforms. Please note that the requirements to become an Introducing Broker will vary per region, in the UK and Europe we can only accept enquiries from regulated brokers.
Our partner analytics tool provides you with commercial data as well as insight into client trading behaviour and emerging trends.

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Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional, CMC Markets

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