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Company Overview
Exegy is a global provider of industry-leading solutions for your entire trading infrastructure: Real-time and historical market data, predictive trading signals and strategies, automated trading, and execution. Exegy serves as a strategic partner to the complete ecosystem of the buy side, sell side, exchanges, and ISV/technology firms.
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Global Coverage:
Exegy has offices in the US, EMEA, Manila and Hong Kong
Fx market data
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Other associated services:
Leading firms on both the buy-side and sell-side use the Exegy Ticker Plant (XTP) to address their market data challenges. With an unparalleled combination of speed, capacity, features, and bundled services, the XTP is a proven solution for mission-critical market data.
Saas services
Other associated services:
Exegy’s consolidated market data feed is delivered as-a-Service. We provide access to low-latency market data feeds, delivering time-critical streaming market data while lowering operational and capital expenditure and removing the need for infrastructure investment. All content, including instrument trading status and quote conditions, is fully normalized to Exegy’s Market Data Model.

Other associated services:
Exegy’s award-winning Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform simplifies the complexity of accessing global liquidity. The DMA Platform delivers a fully hosted, managed, and operated service for order entry, execution, pricing, and pre- and post-trade risk management. Supported by a strong clearing member ecosystem, the DMA Platform provides low-latency access to a range of venues through a normalized interface on demand.
Other associated services:
Metro is a high-performant derivatives trading platform supporting automated, algorithmic, and click trading strategies. Looking for a complete solution for options pricing, execution, and risk management. All with the best-of-breed API extensibility? The Metro application powered by Exegy’s Xero VTE trading platform is the ultimate execution solution for nanosecond speed derivatives trading.

Xero Volatility Trading Engine (VTE) is the fastest commercially available volatility trading platform. Participate in the most competitive markets and trade the biggest names with deterministic speed that is second to none. Allow Exegy to optimize local latency at a price that represents a tiny fraction of the costs of building it yourself.