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Company Overview
LSEG FX offers the world’s leading independent source of trusted FX market insight, interbank and dealer-to-client electronic trading venues, workflow management, and post-trade and regulatory support for both sell-side and buy-side market participants.

The LSEG FX portfolio includes:

Pre-trade analytics, news, pricing and other expert insight to help inform trading strategies and decisions. Workspace provides access to indicative market rates, currency indices and FX benchmarks.

Dealer-to-client trading and workflow solutions for more than 2,300 institutions worldwide, including asset management firms, banks, broker-dealers, corporations and hedge funds, with liquidity from more than 200 bank and non-bank market makers.

FX Matching
Anonymous central limit order book for spot and FX swaps trading for the dealer-to-dealer community, with over 1,000 subscribers and spot matching in over 80 currency pairs.

Electronic Trading
Powerful e-commerce solutions adopted by over 300 banks across 60 countries to shape, configure and automate FX price flows, whilst streamlining risk management to meet the growing demand for electronification.

Deal Tracker
Deal Tracker captures every FX trade deal on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world, so you can take control of your conversational deals, confirmed tickets and post-trade notifications before, during and after trading.

Compliance Archive
Reconstruct, supervise and analyse your message and trade activity in an efficient and compliant way, in one unifying portal.
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