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Tools For Brokers
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Company Overview
Tools for Brokers is an award-winning technology provider of MT4/MT5 solutions for retail brokers. Our ecosystem of products covers the most critical brokerage needs. With Trade Processor — a liquidity bridge — being the cornerstone of the ecosystem, is supported by an advanced monitoring and reporting solution, a money management system, and many plugins and applications targeting specific pains.
Broker clients
Fund investment clients
Asset Classes / Instrument supported:
Cyprus, UK and Thailand
Liquidity analytics
Business intelligence
Other associated services:
At TFB, we offer a comprehensive monitoring solution built into our bridging software. It helps our clients get the full picture of what is happening with their traders instantaneously, gives them the ability to make adjustments to their policies and settings on the fly, and allows them to make the best of any changing circumstances. We combine the data from all MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 servers, so that brokers can view and analyse their entire infrastructure via a single console.
Hosting and proximity
Other associated services:
We have standard packages for various purposes: from a single VPS for running a specific app to a distributed infrastructure for the MT5 cluster with multiple access and backup servers.
All software and hardware are already cross-checked by our team, again saving you time on research and proof of concept.

The server monitoring system is included. It tracks the connection, errors, memory leaks and oversees the general capacity of the server.

Custom packages are also available upon request. Our standard package meets most of the typical broker hosting requirements, but we will be happy to find a perfect solution for your unique needs.

Our FIX API platform caters to hedge funds, investment companies, LPs, banks, exchanges, and anyone else looking to expand beyond MT4 and MT5 for direct market access to the pool of liquidity. The FIX API platform allows them to integrate the algorithms and robots just once, and any further liquidity integration is taken care of by TFB.

FIX API with built-in Margin Engine enables clients to create accounts for their traders right in the Trade Processor liquidity bridge. The Margin Engine tracks all accounts' statistics and controls the trading process, streamlining the entire process and making it more convenient to brokers and hedge funds.
White label platforms
Other associated services:
One of the key benefits of TFB as an MT4/MT5 white label provider is the wide variety of instruments and software that we have available. Retail brokers can launch a White Label with a full set of solutions and provide an enterprise-level experience to their clients from day one.
All of our solutions are built in house by the TFB team making them fully compatible with one another. This ensures a completely flawless workflow.
Risk management systems

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Other associated services:
You can use the A/B-book Auto Switch solution to minimise risks and maximise profits by:
- Creating rules for specific events to trigger automatic Auto Switch
- Creating rules for individual clients or groups
Auto Switch helps brokers remain flexible with their clients and diversify their risk management strategy.

The Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) reporting solution from TFB is integrated with the Trade Processor Liquidity Bridge to ensure timely and accurate MetaTrader reporting on any aspect of the trading process. Generate the following reports for your regulator anytime: K-Factor, End Of Day, QST-CIF, RTS28.

At TFB, we also provide a crypto liquidity bridge via MT5, linking to LMAX Digital and a number of other venues.
Liquidity management
Other associated services:
The 6 market liquidity aggregation types offered by TFB
Each of the 6 types target main aggregation issues - over exposure and discrepancies. On top of that, they each help get the best pricing for different trading scenarios.
Single book:
Execute orders with a single LP
Execute orders across multiple LPs by the top of the book
Multibook except close:
Execute orders with the LP where it was initially placed
Net except close:
Close orders while lowering the net position with an LP
Multibook proportional:
Set proportions when choosing the pool
Multibook proportional except close:
Re-assign execution to an alternative LP if your primary LP rejects your request
Broker in a box
Money management
Payment processing
Crm systems
MT4/MT5 Plugins
Other associated services:
At TFB, we provide our clients with a wide selection of brokerage alerts that are included in our Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) solution. Clients can create fully customised alerts based on a list of filters and name each alert individually to fit their business needs. An alert can be created for anything that falls into a pattern, such as volume of a deal or profit result.

Our Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) for the MT4/MT5 system is a reliable and customisable asset management tool that combines:
-Transparent and intuitive web UI
-Powerful performance
- Customisable functionality

The system allows your Investors to choose a Money Manager (MM) to allocate funds to by viewing statistics of their relevant performance and popularity. This leads to an increase in traded volumes and funds invested over time.

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